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We are focused on helping dealers sell more cars and creating additional streams of revenue by developing new paths into the sharing economy with the marketing, mobilizing, managing, & monetizing of underutilized cars through our sharing marketplace, for the joy of customers everywhere!
79%Current top 3 rental car companies average daily vehicle utilization
20%Current individual average daily vehicle utilization
2%Current dealer average daily vehicle utilization
100%Dealers have the most available inventory, with a huge selection and they are incentivized to monetize this inventory
Increase Sales and Customer Traffic, Build a new Revenue Center, Leveraging Your Existing Vehicles, Buildings and People

Provide a Path to Ownership by Creating Stickiness with Your Customers

Put Your Static Inventory to Work to Increase Sales

The average rental car company vehicle utilization = 79%, the average dealership vehicle utilization = 2%. Generate rental income and sales leads by leveraging your current static inventory.

Leverage Your Current Assets to Add a New Profit Center

Dealers already have the infrastructure in place. Leverage your current facility, space, personnel and reconditioning to add a new profit center.

Build Your Own Used Car Inventory to Increase Profitability

Purchase new car inventory for your rental fleet, then turn the rental units into CPO Units. Save tens of thousands of dollars each month by dramatically reducing your auction purchases.

Get the Right Data at the Right Time to Generate Sales

We have the ability to collect, analyze and provide relevant data dealers need to improve performance. We have developed a proprietary pricing algorithm to optimize fleet performance and generate sales leads.

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